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  Sonic Producer Music Affiliate Resource Center
Welcome. Below you will find our resource center for affiliates. It is jam-packed with info so we highly suggest you read through all the materials. I guarantee you will learn something that just might tip your marketing from losing money to making a healthy profit. We wish you the best of luck ...
What is affiliate marekting?
Getting started with clickbank
Setup & Hosting
How to get that first sale
Banners & Ads
Product & SonicProducer images
Product page tips & Templates
Video Marketing
How to market on a shoestring budget
Do you make these 3 newbie mistakes?
Confessions of a 6-Figure Affiliate
How to get tons of 2 cent clicks
Long-Term value SEO
  The best of luck,
Mo, Affiliate Manager
  P.S. Please email us any questions or concerns you have we want you to succeed!
  ATTENTION: We do not tolerate spam! Offending affiliates who use spam will be reported!
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